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Why we are different

When we first began training for one of our major clients, we were warned that there was likely to be a lot of cynicism and resistance from the staff who had previously attended conflict management training delivered by other training providers which had not been well received. They were right…when we entered the classroom you could have cut the atmosphere with a knife. The blank faces, folded arms and crossed legs, suggested this was going to be a tough crowd. The only thing missing was the tumbleweed blowing around the classroom. The lesson began and within minutes the atmosphere had changed; the class was engaged! It was only later that we learnt from the students that the training they had attended previously was considered to be an insult to their intelligence and consequently a waste of their valuable time. They had found it to be either too academic or too martial arts based. What was particularly annoying was the belief that the training had no practical relevance to their operational role. Fortunately once the word had spread that our training was different, the reception we received was a lot more open and friendly. Not only did the training result in a change of attitudes it also led to a change in behaviours, with a significant decrease in assaults recorded within in the first 12 months of training. We are still delivering training to many of those same members of staff more than 10 years later!

So what was different. Firstly the high quality of the presentation material and the experience of the trainers. They were all highly qualified with many years of relevant training and operational experience which they were able to share and use to answer the ‘what if’ questions. Secondly the staff were being taught a system which allowed them to follow a simple and logical process. Thirdly the subject was taught in the specific context of their role and finally they were taught using advanced teaching methodology and accelerated learning methods which are unique to Stand 2. An observer to one of our sessions recently commented “I was really impressed with how much the students had actually absorbed”

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