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arm control

Physical intervention

The conflict management and physical intervention programme takes you to the next level of the CARE system and is designed for staff whose operational role requires them to physically control difficult and dangerous people. Physical intervention has been defined as:

“The use of direct or indirect force (bodily, physical or mechanical) to limit another persons movements”

physical restraint and arresting techniques

The Physical Intervention (PI) element of the C.A.R.E.programme includes the same subject matter as the Conflict Management syllabus with additional subjects covered including:

  • Use of Force Guidelines
  • Supporting and prompting
  • Guiding and escorting
  • Third party intervention
  • Team control
  • Emergency control
  • Medical imlications of restraints
  • De-escalation and safe disengagement

Each programme is specifically designed to meet the idividual needs of your organisation. This programme may also be supplemented with advanced PI skills, ground control skills and handcuffing techniques where required. The PI programme would typically be one or two days duration dependant upon the range and level of skills needed.

Since June 2010 physical intervention skills have formed part of the SIA (Security Industry Authority) door supervisors licence qualification. In addition to the C.A.R.E. programme Stand2 are also able to offer the SIA level 2 (end users) or level 3 (trainers) qualification in P.I.

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