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E learning

Whilst there is no substitute for face to face teaching, coaching and mentoring for learning new skills and applying them operationally, e learning does offer particular advantages when used appropriately. For example it:

  • Allows learners to absorb theoretical knowledge at their own pace
  • Minimises abstractions from the workplace
  • Can be used to support and reinforce classroom learning and operational experience
  • Can be used to prevent or reduce ‘skills fade’

To that end Stand2 have developed a number of programmes to support the training we deliver and offer the client a range of alternatives to suit their own workplace requirements:

The C.A.R.E. Conflict Resolution Programme

This course is designed for staff who may have to deal with conflict and possible verbal aggression but are unlikely to face actual physical aggression or violence in the workplace. Using the relevant models from the C.A.R.E. system this course will enable staff to control emotional arousal and improve their own powers of persuasion. This may be used as a standalone programme, a refresher course or to complement the face to face training.


The C.A.R.E. Conflict Management Programme

This is a scenario based course, which trains staff to apply the CARE system in the workplace. It is specifically related to your company using images and scenarios which your staff can identify with. This programme is designed for front line staff who have previously attended practical skills training to reduce skills fade. It can also be used to formally assess staff and extend the time between classroom based refresher training; allowing staff to better retain skills whilst also reducing the overall costs of training and abstractions.

Stand2 e-learning package for conflict management and physical intervention

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