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Statutory and Mandatory Trainer

South Warwickshire NHS Foundation Trust

We bought into the Stand2 programme about 3 years ago and we deliver the training through Stand 2’s train the trainer programme. We have 4,600 staff who work in both the acute and community settings,  so we have quite a good mix. The training is delivered to everybody which includes healthcare assistants, nurses, consultants, administrators etc.
After 3 years we can now see the benefits. Previously we were buying and spending a fortune on conflict management training and to be perfectly honest, the training was useless. We spent somewhere in the region of £30,000 per year just for one hospital alone using a system put together by a management company that was of no use to the NHS. This is the only programme that we have ever found that is designed for the NHS, works for the NHS and shows tangible benefits. The partnership we have with Stand2 also allows us to draw on their experience and expertise, which has always been provided free of charge and is invaluable when we get the occasional ‘what if’ questions which we can’t answer or we come across more complex operational issues which require more expert advice.

Nigel Whatmore

Nigel Whatmore NHS Statutory and Mandatory Trainer

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