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10th August 2014 Launch of the Online Physical Skills Trainers Resource

One of the problems with any teaching is that unless knowledge or skills are regularly practised they are soon forgotten. For students who are taught the CARE system this is largely addressed  through a simplification of skills, a focus on understanding a few key principles and the engagement of the emotional and experiential memory systems through the highly impactive and engaging training drills. However, it requires far more knowledge and understanding to teach the system than it does to learn it. Once trainers have completed the trainer’s course, skills fade will inevitably set in or impromptu changes made if trainers cannot regularly access the original source. Whilst manuals and C.D.’s help it was felt they did not adequately provide the depth or range of information in an easy to access format that trainers needed.

To address this and to maintain consistency and standards throughout our training Stand2 have launched the online physical skills training resource for qualified trainers in the CARE system. This will be complemented by the soon to be released online PowerPoint trainers resource, providing easy access to all the information and resources trainer’s need to deliver a first class theoretical and skills based lesson.

The physical skills resource contains a fully illustrated explanation of each technique together with more detailed supporting information and illustrations. For each technique they are qualified to teach trainers are provided with a detailed teaching strategy, together with a stage by stage breakdown of the training drills they should use. This is supported by a video of each technique being explained and demonstrated. Finally trainers are able to access an up to date risk assessment and a breakdown of the medical implications for each technique.