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Case study: London and West Midlands Ambulance Services

The West Midlands Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust (WMAS) is one of only 12 ambulance services in the UK. WMAS is not only the second-largest ambulance service in the UK it is also one of the best performing

Stand2’s association with WMAS began in 2003 wehen we began the training for Hereford and Worcester Ambulance Service (HWAS). The training was rolled out to all operational staff within  the trust and after the first year it was reported that the training had resulted in a dramatic reduction in assaults. Stand 2 continued to provide the training for HWAS until  July 2006 when the trust was merged with a number of other ambulance trusts to form WMAS.

In 2009 Stand2 began delivering conflict management training for all WMAS operational staff. Stand2 trained approximately 3,200 staff in a 12 month period and once again the training resulted in a noticeable decrease in assaults on staff.  The latest round of refresher training for WMAS staff began in April 2016.

In 2014 Stand2 began training London Ambulance Service, which is the largest ambulance service in Europe. Conflict management training continues to be delivered to all frontline staff throughout the trust. In 2016 Stand2 were commissioned to develop a programme to enable LAS call handlers to deal with abusive and aggressive callers, reduce stress and improve performance. This training is now ongoing and is being delivered to all LAS call handling staff.

Stand2 also delivers conflict management training to student paramedics and nursing staff at Coventry, Staffordshire, Worcester and Wolverhampton Universities.

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