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Case study: London School of Economics and Political Sciences (LSE)

London School of Economics

The London School of Economics (LSE) and Political Science is a Russell Group University located in the centre of the city of London. It is a University that has a global brand with a significant reputation which it needs to protect. The LSE run a campus security operation which includes over 60 directly employed security officers who for the past 5 years have been trained by Stand 2.

The University is responsible for more than 30 buildings in central London, that have in the region of 13,000 permanent staff and students coming in and out every day. There are also many hundreds of thousands of visitors who attend one of the country’s biggest public lecture programmes, with the LSE conducting over 70% of the countries open public lectures. This involves visits by many well-known figures and it is not unusual for the LSE to have two visiting heads of state in a single week. Therefore the security staff have to be able to transfer their skills from the normal educational environment, to operating in busy open London streets. The staff also have to provide high level for visiting heads of state, dignitaries and VIP’s. As an educational establishment values such as freedom of speech and respect for the individual are paramount and are reflected in the expected behaviours of the staff.

Those staff have used the Stand 2 C.A.R.E. system during their day to day routine duties and also when dealing with problems of public order and breaches of freedom of speech at high profile events, some of which have been in front of live television. This has allowed staff to act professionally at all times and to subsequently explain  and justify their actions using the C.A.R.E. framework.

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